liebster award thing




questions (from jo)

1; what chocolate bar would I be?

tayto, the cheese and onion flavoured chocolate that tastes sh*t

2: what movie best describes you

ashens and the quest for the game child, it is a stupid movie but everyone enjoys, I am a stupid teenager (by being silly of course, I am not retarded) that many people enjoy (no, not in a perverted way)

3; what scares me the most?…

F***ing maid sama (that show is terrible, and haunts my life)


4;what muppet resembles me?

probably the chef, he is just really crazy (I think, I never really got into the muppets)


5; my best tongue twister

the tickety tickety tick tac box was ticking


6; finish the sentence look behind you its a…

look behind you its a… its a… actually what the hell is that thing anyway?


7;what has one eye  but cant see.

the word “life”

8; what super power would I want

to teleport, it would be so much fun, one minute you are in school, next minute you are in Tokyo, you would be able to miss school too 😀

9; the funniest thing about me ?

uhhhh…. I am random I guess, today I bought in a Chinese calendar (literally)

10: where would I want to travel to?

japan, any part, japan is amazing, it is so relaxing… *suddenly a tsunami happens,

uhh, maybe I will stay in the uk


11: what word can I not pronounce?

tongue, I always say dongue for some reason, and I am in high school!


facts about me,

.I am a collector of m & m merchandise

.I used to watch Thomas the tank engine as a kid (which made Thomas very cross)

.I wear a eyepatch

.I have a lazy eye

. my favourite show is black butler

. I learn Japanese in my free time

.I find school pointless (have you ever realised theyre only showing you the basics, I learn more on my own)

. I love skittles

.im blogging right now

.I find ytp the funniest things ever (the amount of times I could not stop laughing)

.my favourite subject is drama


nominees questions

what is your favourite show?

what makes you laugh the most?

what is the darkest thing you have ever done/ watched?

what is the sh*tiest book you have ever read?

do you watch youtubers, if so what ones?

strangest thing that ever happened to you?

do you want a cup of tea?

what is your type of music?

what do you do in your free time?

you seen my notebook anywhere?

what are you blogging about?


I nominate

athenas curse (website link was not copying/pasting)

ask lychee

randomwriter001 (he is new, but his blogs are neat and amy be interesting)






hopefully you will get a bit more popular too






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