game review: the getaway

apologies for this one being short, I was half way through a simpsons hit and run review but the website suddenly crashed and I lost all of the blog, I hope you understand



so the getaway it was a terrible gta clone, it was slow, boring and bland (geez, no wonder it is considered 18+ its a terrible game) it starts off with these people who kill a woman and kidnap her child, her husband sees her die as well as this stranger in the background, what is her name? we don’t know, so I am just going to refer to he as micheal rosen, even though he is a boy, why did I choose him? because I love the youtube poops about him (if you have not seen them, go see micheal rosens rapid snatch) so anyway, after that, you chase the people who stole the kid, and good lord, it is a long and difficult car chase, and there is no map, the only map you have is the one that comes as a poster, and that is hard to find, Im lucky to get that poster with my copy. I really cant get any further in the game, it is so hard to do. if anyone knows what happens after that chase, please let me know so I can add more onto this blog

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