what is this video about?


I have decided to take down the video

so, if you watch someordinarygamers or blameitonjorge, they both found a video that was… well… unsettling. the video is called illusion of bias and if you have not seen it then here is the video and then I will try to explain what is going on


so lets go through the main key parts first

the girl has lost her face

she feels very depressed

she had a dream, a pretty jolly dream

the weird voice is saying something like “you need to wake up, open your eyes and you will see your face again”

she wakes up from something

she goes and see her face

gets horrified of what she looks like

turns out it was just a dream



so their are so many ideas going through my head of what is going on, but I will stick to one of them. I think this video  is trying to tell us that not everything is good after you wish for it. she wanted to see her face but she did not like her face at all.

so now lets look at some ideas of the key points.

probably, in her dream, satan was talking to her, it sounded very demonic and it was encouraging her to wake up.

so now this makes us think that you should never hate yourself. that is really how far you can go with this, I mean ou can go even deeper but I will leave it like this






apologies for not doing something game related in a while, It has been a very long time since the review of hitman 2. they take a long time to do and I am busy since I still am in high school. unlike these sort of blogs which are esay and quick to do. please forgive me, I promise, I will do a game review soon




a tossedgames production

















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