top 5 unknown systems

we all know about some of the worst systems to come out, but what about the unknown ones? the ones we might not of heard of, so I have researched about some unknown (and quite possibly  rare) video game consoles. this is the top 5 most unknown game systems

5# turbo express

this is just a portable turbo graffix 16, that is really it, it sounds like a good idea. well it was too expensive, bulky, and not many people even owned a turbo graffix 16, so not many people own a turbo express. their is not a uk price yet for this, but in the USA, it is roughly about $180 for a used one

4# the nuon

the nuon (originally made by Samsung)  was a disaster, and only had 7 or 8 games on it (one of them being Korean) and a small amount of movies could be watched on this dvd/video games player. if you can find a nuon controller which has a analog stick on it, consider yourself lucky.

a nuon is about £399.99 complete in the box, I don’t know about a loose system or a controller

3# Nintendo 64 disk drive

this is just rare, it did not sell well since it was never sold worldwide (it was only sold to japan)

I don’t know what it does

the price is about £/$500 on ebay, if you would like to know more about this then please check out gaming historians review of it

2#casio loopy

this was the only game system intended for girls. it only had 10 lousy game on it and no one cared about it, it was a weird shape, the cartridges are like a famicom cartridge so you might have a random casio loopy game somewhere in your house by mistake. again, not too much information about this

it is about £100 in japan

honourable mentions

v smile

neo geo cd

neo geo pocket

1# the Bandai playdia

this console needs to be reviewed if anyone has it because it looks very interesting. it was a failure, it weak bulky and lousy, the controller looks uncomfortable to hold and the games are lazy

its price is roughly about £100 or more complete in box


should I do more top 5 and not do the reviews that often or should I do more reviews than top 5

let me know please

a tossedgames production

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