top 5 games which are rare but are not worth playing

(NOTE I DONT OWN ANY OF THESE GAMES IN MY COLLECTION and sorry for posting this so late at night) there so many rare games out there, and some of them are really rare, but for some reason, some are not worth playing at all. so, lets dive in to some rare games and look at the top 5 rare games which are not worth playing

5# pepsi invaders ( Atari 2600)

pepsi invaders is a very rare game for the Atari and is very valuable indeed.

but the game is just space invaders, but with pepsi related stuff. that’s really it. not much to say here, but I think it did not have a label on the cartridge, so you couldfind a unlabelled Atari 2600 game, buy it thinking it is pepsi invaders, but instead you bought ET extra terrestrial, without its label.


4#bandai stadium events

Bandai stadium events is probably the second rarest nes game on the system. but it is just a normal, average running game, there is nothing new in this game at all, and dr retro (a youtube collecter who is also a doctor) bought a mint copy of the pal version for 100 euros. WHY?! it is a simple normal sports game. now get this, there was a nes game called world class track meet and it is the same idea like stadium events. just go buy that then.

3# cheetaman II

the game was so bad, I don’t think it even went into stores, so that is why it is rare. but anyway, the game just used the same plastic from the nes game action 52 but with a sticker saying cheetahmen II on the back. the game is very glitchy indeed because sometimes you cant go to the next level after fighting the battle.


who would want to play a video game sequel which was from a way too expensive cartridge (action 52) which had a ton of glitchy games on it already?


2# link faces of evil

there are three games on cdi to do with Zelda, but I had to give it to link the faces of evil, I just had to.

it is basically a zelda game with bad animations, bad controls and bad character voice overs

there are plenty of reviews/talks about link the faces of evil.  the AVGN has done one, so has PBG

but all I can say is don’t play it

1# Nintendo world championships

this is the most well known rarest game to ever come out, well ok it was a prize from a competition known as the Nintendo world championships. it is really rare but that does not mean to say it is not worth playing. all it is playing Mario bros, rad racer, then tetris, that is it, there is nothing else to say about this, 3 demos, 3 DEMOS, why should we waste our money  on a rare game which has 3 very common games which are not actually the full game?. WHY SHOULD WE?!

thanks for reading the top 5  rare games which are not worth playing, I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what other top 5’s I should do, I also do game reviews too so if you want to, you can check them out too.

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