game review: super mario sunshine

well, it isn’t a bad game but it isn’t the worst either. super Mario sunshine is a game on the game cube which was not a masterpiece made by Nintendo, in fact, it may be one of the hardest games made by Nintendo (battletoads was made by rare so it was only published by Nintendo). so lets see what it is like. now their is one quick thing I would like to say, it introduced bowser junior into the Mario franchise. any way so we first begin with Mario and peach and toadsworth going on a plane to go to a island, unfortunately peach saw another Mario on the introduction video to the island, but Mario and toadsworth are being idiots and are daydreaming about the holiday, and then the menu appears, what? you think we started the gameplay yet? to be honest, the selection screen is quite unique, you control Mario to choose the file you want. after that, you see another clip which shows Mario’s plane landing, but the plane was landing dangerously, maybe the driver is drunk or something. oh I see, its the weird paint which is on the landing place which caused the plane to spin everywhere. anyway you then finally get into the game. so you end up getting something called FLUDD (which stands for something but I cant seem to remember since I have not played the game in a while) it was made by professor Egad who is from luigis mansion (I should probably review it soon but I don’t know when I will). then you spray water all over the paint and then a monster appears, so then you kill the monster with what? a gun? no, a katana sword? no. something that came from the depths of hell that can kill any monster in the world?! no, you use water from fludd, why water, why not throw toadsworth at the monster and hope he dies, I mean come on Mario! don’t you remember what he did to you? he shot you into space whilst he and princess peach went to holiday ( for any of you guys who don’t know, I am referring to the smg4 video, shoot to the observatory in the sky, you should check out smg4 as well he is quite funny) any way after you kill the monster you ge- actually first of all why is there a citizen stuck inside the pathway? how did he even get stuck in their? anyway, after that, you get… oh great another clip which lasts for about 7 minutes, in the clip, Mario is arrested due to spreading the paint everywhere on the island. hey witnesses, could you have said that the Mario you saw was clear, and besides Mario had just came to the island anyway so how can you blame him?! also, proof picture looks awful, they need a good artist to paint the picture. anyway so Mario is sent to jail and (I guess) gets a criminal record, that is right Mario, no more holidays for you. meanwhile in jail, flood tells you that the star shrines had been scattered away, and the paint had made everything all dull and dark, oh well, life is hard 😦

anyway the next day Mario is told by the police that he has to clean all the paint up and that he will know when he starts to sneak away, well they say that, but you can just run off and not do the mission and they wont catch, videogame policemen suck. now guess what the mission is? it is to get rid of the same exact monster from the beginning of the game but is in different paint instead, oh, may I just say, you have spray water into the monsters mouth three times and that is it, also with this monster you can just stay on a roof of a house, spray water in the monsters mouth three times and not get attacked from it. well it is not a genius idea but it is helpful.

(my god, we haven’t even got into the actual levels yet)

so after you defeated the monster, you see the evil Mario which put paint all over the island, he kidnaps peach and you have to slow him down with, well, it is pretty obvious what you use now, water of course! also, toadsworth does not help you at all to try to get peach back, he is like “ah hell no!, I am not helping them,  I will just stay here and pretend to be scared”

so after you get peach back, the evil Mario runs away from the real Mario and enters a different place with his magical paint (SPOILERS: evil Mario is really just bowser junior) so you have to enter the world too. the world is also a mess because there is so much stuff there. also,( I have been saying too many also’s in this game review) if you don’t want to do the first level, well don’t,just go to the windmill, fight the piranha (same sort of method as you kill the other monsters on the island which Mario was supposed to be enjoying his life) and there you go, you have completed level 2 but by playing level 1 (how did I know this trick? well I watched speedemonarchiveSDA and the youtber toufool31 completed Mario sunshine and he showed us the quick tip in the game, pls also check out speedemonarchivesda as well, they are amazing and great to watch, well… for gamers) the next level requires you to enter a cave to do the level, and no, you can not do this stage in level 1 because it is blocked out of entering. anyway, you have to do these stages without fludd since the evil Mario (otherwise known as bowser junior) steals it from you, but don’t you worry because like magic, Mario gets it back at the end of the level, maybe the evil Mario thought that fludd  was useless so he just gives it back to Mario. alright now I am going to just skip to level 7 because this is what you need to do to get into another place. you have to spray water at the evil Mario and then you completed the world. now, that is all you need to do in every other world, just get level 7 and defeat the evil Mario, so it is pointless of me talking about the other worlds and I don’t know what the ending is (i have not finished watchingall of the speedemonarchiveSDA speedrun of it yet) so i shall end it here, it is not a bad game but it is not the greatest gamecube game that i have played. thank you for reading this blog

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