game review : 18 wheeler

oh dear, I cant stand this awful game for the gamecube, it is probably the worst title for the Nintendo gamecube ,and by that I mean literally mean the worst title on the gamecube. now sure it is not as awful as………. actually I don’t want to talk about that xbox 360 title, but even still this game is horrible. so, I am going to review it, so here we go. imagine if desert bus was remastered with better graphics, had controls like need for speed underground 1 and 2 (and yes, they suck too in my opinion), and make the gameplay as slow as a snail. well, that’s it, that’s the end of the review, bye

ok fine I will review it. you first start with a title screen and… wow, just wow, the control is delayed, at first, it does not look like it, but play super monkey ball and you will see the difference, speaking of super monkey ball, 18 wheeler was made by SEGA. how could SEGA make a awful game back then it makes no sense, but its true, this was created by SEGA, how upsetting. anyway, back to the game, you choose the lorry you want to play as, choose the map you want and then it begins. now, there is not very much to the controls, I mean all you do is press R and drive, really? why the R button? 007 nightfire used that control and you know  how boring that game was. the lorry in the game is so slow and does not seem to go fast at all, and the car is so slippery that it crashes into everything, and when it crashes into everything, you slow down, what a cruel idea, and by then, the time limit stops. yes, there is a TIME LIMIT IN THIS GAME! why should this game have a time limit! I have to stop the blog here because it is getting on my nerves and out of my 41 gamecube games in my collection for the gamecube, I will never, repeat NEVER PLAY THIS GAME AGAIN!

by tossed games

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