007 nightfire

To be honest I only have 1 James bond game, which is nightfire. Yes, no goldeneye sadly. I found it cheap so I knew it wouldn’t be that good of  a game, it wasn’t a awful game, but it also isn’t the best in the gamecube library. You first get a tutorial  of how to play (like playing a normal shooting game does that, now sure, call of duty does do that, but you still play the adventure whilst learning, and there are no excuses because call of duty came out on gamecube too, and for some reason I don’t have the two games on the gamecube but I have most of them on the ps2) and then you begin the game. When you start the game, you want to know how to jump, now guess what button you press for you to jump? the “y ” button. really? why the “Y” button why not the “a” button because I have not needed to use the “A” button at all so far in the game. your job is to get into a hotel and save a girl (look, I do like James – bond movies but I don’t know very much about them, but there is another problem, this is not even a James bond movie!) but before you do that , you kill the soldiers so you don’t die, this would not be hard, but the camera is so sensitive that it is pretty much impossible to do at all, so you have to be very steady with the controls. so anyway you save the girl and  then you meet some other girl and then kill the guards to meet someone else, and then after that, the other girl is kidnapped by them so you then have to save her, and that’s when I pretty much QUIT THE GAME because it was getting on my nerves. all I can say is, not the worst gamecube game but not good at all! by tossed games

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