game review #1. burnout

There is a game on the Nintendo gamecube and it is known as burnout.burnout is a racing game.The game is rated 3+ (which is E in America).The game has a loading screen which appears before the game menu pops out.That is pretty common with gamecube games and sometimes ps2 and xbox games as well.You then choose the car you want to be, you can also unlock cars too, choose the map you want and begin the race.When you start the race,you get three driving modes, back of car, closer to car and first person mode.There is also a time limit which is annoying.Why is it there in the first place?but when you get a  checkpoint, the timers ads on some seconds, and  let me tell you something, you are going to need those seconds to beat the race.The game also had 3 other racers too. really? Just three? Mario kart double dash could handle up to more than three racers (I think eight).Also, those racers are so fast that if someone gets in first place aside from you then forget it, its nearly impossible to do.Well, that’s really all there is to burnout.Its quite fun to play with a friend or on your own.It is also quite cheap as well, its at least £2.00. so if you see it, then pick it up. you wont be disappointed.

by tossedgaming


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  1. I just saw a mistake in the blog “There is a game called burnout on the Nintendo gamecube and it is known as burnout2 sorry about that, it is supposed to say “there is a game on the Nintendo gamecube and it is known as burnout”


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