The Typical Viewing: My Hero Academia: Two Heroes

I never intended on watching this film since I had an exam a few days later. However, I felt like I had studied enough for it and decided to go and see it. Some fellow people I knew came too, because My Hero Academia is a huge thing in my town (nearly the entire screening was full).

I recall, when coming in, seeing cosplayers, fanboys and fangirls who absolutely adored the anime. They knew everything in the anime and in the manga, people were making new friends as well (I didn’t really fit in because I’ve only seen the first series and read the first issue).

I didn’t know what the film was going to be like, since I hadn’t been up to date with the series, but that didn’t stop the entertainment value from decreasing. The film was brilliant.Read More »


The Typical Viewing: Spiderman: Into the Spider-verse

During the past week, there has been a lot of early access screenings (previews) of Spiderman: Into the spider-verse. There was a MediCinema screening on Wednesday, a cinema card screening (you’d pay a certain amount for a card to see as many movies as you want throughout the year) and then 2 days worth of previews. I watched it during the preview screening and my opinion on the film is, pretty much, positive.Read More »

The Typical Viewing: Ralph breaks the Internet.

Something truly bizarre about this film, when it hit the UK cinemas, was that most cinema website stated that it was on for 3 days only…of course the film is staying in longer at cinemas because Disney, but it was rather odd seeing 3 days for a Disney film. Ralph breaks the Internet Just came out recently (at the time of writing, it came out yesterday) and was advertised many months ago without revealing too much about the story.

The first concern most have is that films that try to tackle with other sorts of media and activities tend to fail (eg. the Emoji movie and Super Mario bros.), not always but mostly. They always end up looking cheesy and appear to be just trying to fit in with modern society (eg. the Emoji movie and how Sony pictures animation gave up on their Popeye movie just so they could make…the Emoji movie). Ralph breaks the Internet isn’t like that, but we’ll get onto that in a minute.Read More »

The Typical Viewing: Pokemon: The power of us.

A very small release for a new Pokemon film came out recently, which is now pretty much over (although certain places are screening it again this Saturday coming). The film is called Pokemon the movie: the power of us (or Pokemon: Pokemon the movie: the power of us, as the poster and end credits read out). I didn’t really have much of an intention of watching this film if it were to be screened not locally, but it happened to be screening locally. Because of my brother wanted to see it (as he’s a massive Pokemon fan), I tagged along to see what the film was like.

Coming from someone who isn’t into Pokemon very much (I never really grew up with it), I have to say that I came out feeling very disappointed with the overall product. This film is terrible. absolutely terrible.Read More »

The Typical Viewing: The Grinch

Illumination has had quite an experience with Dr Seuss adaptations. In 2012, Illumination decided to adapt the story of The Lorax into a feature length movie. The overall outcome was poor. People despised this movie, even to this day. It felt very “gangster” with some cheesy songs thrown into it. It was nicely animated, but at the same time, it felt very bland with everything it showed. It also seem to have a completely different and much more wrong look at the story and created this horribly boring version of a story that hundreds had grown up and loved with.

With this said, when Illumination announced that they were going to adapt the story of another Dr Seuss classic, The Grinch, people were concerned. Illumination could have easily messed up another classic Dr Seuss story. Surprisingly, Illumination did okay with this one. The film is actually good, though it is nothing outstanding.Read More »

The Typical Viewing: Bohemian Rhapsody

Bohemian Rhapsody is still one of the most talked about films of this year (well, here it is). Whenever I go online or I am out, something about Bohemian Rhapsody is talked about. A while ago, a friend of mine requested that I reviewed the film, to which i agreed. Usually I don’t do recommendations (not anymore) as the film that may be requested, I may not be able to write about it very well (for example, I tried reviewing The Meg and failed miserably half way through my post). Read More »