the Typical Viewing: Action Point

When Action Point came out, it wasn’t advertised at all from where I live. It’s not just me, I asked other people if they had heard of Action point and even they said no. So when it came out into cinemas, it didn’t really pack up much of an audience. I did go and see one of the screenings, and…it’s interesting…

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The Typical Viewing: Love Live! the School Idol Movie

If you’re Familiar with the concept of K-on! the movie, this is basically the same film, with some slight changes to it.

If you’re not familiar with what Love Live! School Idol Project is, it’s an anime series set upon nine students who become a school idol band, called μ’s, to prevent their school from shutting down. the Franchise has had 2 seasons, a movie and a spin-off called Love Live! Sunshine!!. This is an incredibly popular franchise with a massive fan-base, along with a massive hate-base too.Read More »

The Typical Viewing: Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi is, to put it at short, a more energised slice of life, though, at the same time, it keeps itself as a very ordinary slice life. Nothing out of the blue happens, with the exception of some of the imagery and thoughts that some of the characters have.

The setting of Dagashi Kashi is an off-license sweet shop called the Shikada Dagashi. Ran by the Shikada family, the father would like his son, Kokonotsu (often nicknamed as coconuts), to carry on the family business and run the shop as his job. However, Kokonotsu has bigger dreams and intends to be a manga artist. Unfortunately, to make matters worse, a sweet-addicted customer called Hotaru comes along and, also, begs for Kokonotsu to run the shop.

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The Typical Viewing: Slenderman

So Slenderman recently came out and everyone had the same question running through their heads: why? why did Silvain White suddenly decide to do a film that really didn’t need to exist? especially when Slenderman stopped being scary a few years ago.

Anyhow, the film came out, people hated it and the reviews gave it poor ratings (just look at Rotten Tomatoes score, Slenderman only got 7%). Now this film wasn’t really on my watchlist but since the film happened to be on when i got to the cinema (i usually go in and then decide), so i gave it a shot… and I actually enjoyed watching this film.

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Crimson’s Typical viewing: I feel pretty (collaboration)

Welcome, everyone, to a very special post. Crimson613 from Crimson Talks books will be reviewing the film I Feel Pretty. Crimson reviews many things, from films to TV to books and they are all amazing reads (and I don’t mean that as if i’m being told to say it, I really mean it, her posts are some of my favourites lol). Since me and Crimson had both seen this film, we decided to collaborate and crossover with each others blogs to write our reviews on I Feel Pretty. If you would like to read my review on this film, then it can be found here (but read this post first!). With that said, please welcome Crimson613 and her typical viewing! Very happy to have you here = D

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The Typical Viewing: Gamers!

Who remembers Gamers!? probably not a lot of you (though I could be wrong). It was one of those shows that came in, people watched it, the show ended and then we all forgot about it. Seriously, I completely forgot that I watched this show up until recently, I was just thinking on what shows I’ve watched and not reviewed and then I remembered about Gamers!.

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The Typical Viewing: Kamikaze Girls

When I bought this film. I bought it out of the blue (in other words, i bought this film without knowing anything about it). I recall seeing it once online for £10 and then forgot about it. Later on I found it in a shop in London and thought “oh yeah, I was going to watch that.” So I bought the film along with some other films. A few days later I popped it into my DVD player and watched it… it was something.

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