(Fiction) The Journalist: Part 5

Warning: the following (fictional) story contains mature themes that are not appropriate for children. Viewer Discretion advised.

(P.s, At the end of this chapter is a quick background to the story, for those interested.)

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My farewell to criticism (?)

So, as you can tell by this post title, I’ve decided that i will not be doing any more reviews…at the moment ( I may return to it one day or another, or do a one-off post occasionally). My reasons for this was when I was looking at what options I could chose for 6th form/ A-level, and as I was researching about media studies (a course I want to go into) I discovered that i’m more interested in being within media rather than talking about media. I also discovered this when I was writing my online story: The Journalist, I learnt I had more fun storytelling than criticising a film or TV show.

Just a reminder though that I am not leaving this blog. I am still here and will still be posting but I will probably be a story-teller (for reasons I’ll explain soon).

I didn’t leave because I didn’t think that I wouldn’t be of any importance as a film critic. No- I still believe that critics are necessary as, unlike a teacher who teaches you how to produce a good-quality film, a critic teaches you what is a good film in general (eg. The Predator had a good production but wasn’t a good film for many reasons, and that’s the purpose of a critic). I’m stopping as I think I won’t enjoy being in the business/ community as much as I used to.

Some of you may be wondering then what’s going on with Greetings  (an online collection of small reviews I post which sums up my overall opinion to a film or show) as I am no longer going to be reviewing films. Well, Greetings will continue as I enjoy creating them and locals (eg. students I went to school with) really enjoy the series. So I will be continuing Greetings, the only difference will be, like they originally intended to be, that they won’t be a summary of what I wrote.

So, that’s that. I’ll miss writing The Typical Viewing  but if i’m not having any fun writing the reviews, then i wouldn’t be posting good reviews. I may return to post reviews in the future but for now, I say farewell to 4 years (crikey! It’s been 4 years) worth of criticism of anime, games, films and television.

A big thank you to all the readers who have enjoyed my reviews. I hope that my Greetings series will please you and I hope you enjoy what I offer for the future.



(Fiction) The Journalist.

So this is the first time I have posted fictional literature online. I’ve been wanting to write stories for a little while but I really need some advice to see where I would be going wrong and what I am doing correctly.

Criticism would be gratefully appreciated.

(This story contains themes some people may find disturbing)

-Makhail (OneSideofMakhail)

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The Typical Viewing: Predators

The Predator series is a perfect example of seeing how a film gradually becoming terrible per sequel. I’m sure many can agree with me that Predator was a superb classic that is worth a watch, Predator 2 was okay but not impressive, Predators is- well, we’re reviewing it right now- and The Predator is one of the worst films I’ve seen in a long time (it’s really bad).

since The Predator was coming out on DVD, the franchise got a new box set, which looked pretty good and was fairly cheap for it’s cost. My family didn’t own any of the Predator films (I saw Predator and Predator 2 on TV and The Predator in cinemas), so we decided that if we wanted the series, we should buy the box set. With this settled, it meant I got a chance to watch the one film I had yet to see in the series: Predators. I was not expecting much from it, as the other sequels clearly show the franchise degrading as it proceeds.

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